Are transfers between platforms allowed?

Transfers in or out of the fund are suspended. However, transfers that do not change the beneficial ownership of an existing holding are possible – for example, within a platform nominee account or a switch between platforms where the same underlying investor remains invested in the fund.

Transfers between platforms across all share classes, but not share class conversions, will now be allowed with immediate effect (10 July 2019). This includes where the receiving platform does not currently have access to the share class being transferred (they will be able to open a new account in that class to support the transfer). This is intended to facilitate cross platform transfers where there is no change to the beneficial owner. This supports investors by providing them with the freedom to move their investments between platforms.

Important note: The total cost of owning the fund can vary between platforms, even where two platforms offer the same share class. You may wish to consider the different platform fees and any potential discounts on offer before deciding to transfer. Please contact your platform or your IFA for further details.

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